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Our Approach

C Ryan Bymaster grew up on Saturday morning cartoons and comics, starting his love for entertaining stories and the strife between the good guys and the bad guys. He started writing and drawing comics at an early age, with aspirations to become a comic book artist. As he matured (or some would say just grew older) he started to find that while a picture may paint a thousand words, a few choice words could paint a thousand pictures, sparking his desire to bring stories to life with writing.

His interests run from fantasy to sci-fi, from swords and dragons to tech and time travel. If it's nerdy or geeky, C Ryan is all in. He thoroughly enjoys reading and writing stories that delve into the grey area, where things aren't black or white, right or wrong. It's not so much the actions the characters take, but more the reasons behind those actions that draw the reader in. Flawed heroes, valiant villains, those are the characters that make a story surge and give it life.

Our Story