The Mageworks Mystery Series

Wrought Isles is a city of mageworks splendor and political corruption, of heroes and villains, of hardworking citizens and backstabbing thieves. They all strive to carve out a future, slaying vile monsters or murdering innocent people, practicing family trades or brandishing blood-stained blades.
And for someone like detective Gideon Knell, they’re always getting in his way.

The Amethyst Angle - Cover

Murderers, Mages, and Mind-flayers...

Welcome to Wrought Isles

Detective Gideon Knell is half-holy, half-arcane, and completely washed out from the City Watch. All he wants is to scrounge up enough coin to have one of his telektric lamps charged, maybe even a ruby for some heat, and have a bit left over to keep himself and his morph-imp partner eating for another week. Things change when the enchanting granddaughter of an old friend informs Knell that her grandfather has been murdered, his vault ransacked, and his will stolen. Never mind the fact that she’s paying him with an empty pillow case, the personal debt Knell owes his murdered friend drives him to take the case. Six-spell at his hip, morph-imp partner by his side, Knell steps into a mystery that sends him up against the powerful, the deadly, and worst of all, the friendly.

The Paper Trail - Cover
The Twisted Triangle - Cover

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